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April 2022 Delaware Market Update


Want to understand Delaware beach real estate in 2022?

Lewes, Delaware REALTOR, broker, and developer Scott Dailey provides information as one of the top realtors at the Delaware beaches. If you’re looking to buy or in Lewes, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, or anywhere else at the Delaware beaches, then it pays to know top Delaware agents like Scott and Deniene Dailey. The Delaware beach real estate market in February has its challenges, and top agents like Scott and Deniene Dailey can help you meet your goals at the Delaware beaches. If you are looking for a top realtor or agent to sell property in Lewes, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Millsboro, or anywhere else in Sussex County, Delaware, then top agents Scott and Deniene Dailey at Sunrise Real Estate can save you thousands when selling your property.

April 2022 is a strong seller’s market. Buying is very difficult due to limited inventory. Top agents Scott and Deniene Dailey are Zillow premier agents who have owned Sunrise Real Estate since 2004. These top Delaware real estate agents can work with you to find the property you want as a buyer. If you’re looking to sell, you can save thousands by listing with experienced top agents Scott and Deniene Dailey.

For Delaware Real Estate, interest rates have risen dramatically in the first quarter of 2022. We aren’t sure about the impact that this will have on the Delaware beach real estate market, but low inventory will still be the driving factor for the market. Many Delaware beach real estate market buyers have substantial equity to invest in real estate, so the rising interest rates won’t have an impact on the sales.

At the same time, Sunrise Real Estate can report that as we speak to potential sellers, the rise in Lewes and Rehoboth real estate has been a blessing and a curse. Top Delaware agents Scott and Deniene Dailey speak to sellers who are happy to sell at the current pricing for Rehoboth Beach real estate, but many of these sells will simply become buyers in the same market. Buying Lewes or Milton, Delaware real estate will mean that a client will simply lose all of the gains on the purchase of a property in this Seller’s market.

One way Sunrise Real Estate can help is by saving sellers money on the sale of their property. As top agents at the Delaware beaches, Scott and Deniene Dailey are experienced and independent. This allows Sunrise Real Estate to charge lower commissions on the sale of property than other agencies in Delaware. As top Lewes, Delaware realtors, Sunrise Real Estate isn’t a “discount” or “limited service” agency- we are full service. Sunrise Real Estate will walk with sellers through every step of the sales process, and we have the experience sellers need as top Delaware realtors since 2004.

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